Abraham Lincoln

Hello everybody, we are back with another post for you guys. Today is a little bit off topic because we are not talking about the current presidential debates but we thought we would do a 180 and talk about some of our presidential  presidential history for a change.  That’s why today we will be talking about Abraham Lincoln and how he impacted this country in a great way.


First off, we think that Abraham Lincoln’s four score and seven years speech was one of the greatest speeches ever given in the history of man. Abraham Lincoln was a man that was able to bring together so many  diverse cultures and really changes country for the better. We are talking about a man who was able to abolish slavery, don’t you think that is quite a big accomplishment?   If it were not for Abraham Lincoln who knows where we would be today. We would probably still be waving around a bunch of Confederate flags and drinking moonshine.  Abraham Lincoln was able to overcome many obstacles and ultimately win the Civil War. That was a war that had a lot of devastation on our country and if it were not for Abraham Lincoln and his strong military force of the union then we probably would’ve lost the war.  On top of the big accomplishment of getting rid of slavery, Abraham Lincoln was a man that did many many great things in his lifetime. Let’s talk about some of the history of Abraham Lincoln.  Continue reading

Presidential Domain Wars Between Bush and Trump

Thanks for tuning in again. There is some funny news going on, and of course it’s related to the 2016 presidential candidate race for the Republicans. What a special breed of people we have this year.

Considering that I took the time to take the steps required to build and breath life into this website, I thought this topic would be great to discuss as it pertains to the shift in how voters are making decisions in our current digital age. One interesting note to make it that major companies also invest heavily into building a corporate brand with a strong online presence. Donald Trump has recently taken advantage of the power of the web and has deployed a team of intelligent and very capable web developers who were able to determine that presidential candidate Jeb Bush, had a domain that was registered years ago, and was now reaching the end of the terms where the domain would be protected from others purchasing rights to the name. It’s like buying a car, missing the payments, watching it get repossessed and sold into auction to your next door neighbor who also is dating your ex-girlfriend. Cold as ice. But also stable as ice. Stable as ice, on a hot, black plate, in high noon, in a Arizona summer.

What this means is that at a certain point in time somebody in the Jeb Bush camp bought the rights of the domain Jebbush.com. Which is a great site to own if your first name is Jeb, and your last name is Bush and you are running for president of the United States. But then that expiration date came up. And the prestiguous site name went into the hands of your competitor. Each and every piece of literature with the propaganda that supports the Bush campaign is now being redirected to and adding some exposure to the Donald Trump website. Numbers never lie, and numbers and statistics is what everybody is basing his entire voting situation on. Right? Aren’t elections based on some weird concept, where candidates become elected officials based on their leadership and appeasement to issues that affect the general consensus of voters? This race is based on defacing the rivals. No one knows what any of these fellows are about, but it seems that the writing is again on the wall. Just when you thought it was safe, here comes Jeb doing with Jeb does best to date; “Jebbed” up another situation. The last time you checked in, Brother Jeb was begging for applause. Recently, he’s been begging for his brother to come out and speak on his behalf. Yeah, but you can’t get the respect of the young voters, when you don’t have the awareness to hold onto his own dag gone websites.

I mean are we really supposed to trust this guy with decisions about our healthcare. My parents are finally retiring after 30 something years of working. It’s time for them to kick  their feet up and relax and not have to stress out about who’s going to be the president. They want to know answers to deep things like,  social security and whether or not they will be able to continue to see the same doctor as before? These are some crazy ass questions that my family continue to ask me, and it’s one of the few times in my life that I really don’t have the answers. I can only speak from my personal experience and I know that my family has felt the direct results and impact of the switch in changing healthcare policies at the results of the Obama care plan, first hand. I know men and women who are responsible for families, that through no fault of their own, lost their jobs due to economic uncertainty. These men and women had to take low paying jobs that they were overqualified for, in order to secure jobs that would provide the benefits that would help them out with their kids healthcare. These citizens tell me that as a result, they had to find a new dentist and new doctors, who then refer them to a whole new set of specialists. The healthcare providers that they were comfortable with are not accepting patients who are covered by market insurance providers and so now the children and elderly suffer the most. I have had conversations with parents who shared that even though they were still paying if not the same, sometimes more than the previous premium for services, the level of quality of healthcare they were receiving had diminished. And that is supposed to be the Democrats response to solving the health care issue.

Within the last 20 years, Republicans have been taking the stance of privatizing and making it more fiscally beneficial for the private markets to provide services to the public. The Wall Street people would love that. Ask the douche-bag, Martin Shkreli.  Then talk to someone from the Netherlands. Completely different vibes, man. Way different.  I’m not saying we need to switch to socialism and follow Bernie’s plan and I definitely don’t like what they’re doing in Canada. It’s time that Americans speak loud about what we want, and make the politicians say and do what we want. We need to be the first of the first, and create a totally new plan to resolve healthcare issues in America. Let’s raise our voices and make the world take notice, so that they can then follow suit. We are pioneers, and we shouldn’t be copying anyone. If we’re going to copy someone, the only way I want to do it is by completely taking over their site, gather all their constituents from resources someone else exhausted, and  redirect the attention and focus on how we want to do things. I don’t like Donald J Trump,and no way in hell is this to be interpreted as an endorsement. However, facts are facts. Fact is that the guy has us talking, and that is something that’s worth talking about.





What Is Jeb Bush Doing

If no one will clap for him, how will they vote for him? If they don’t vote for him, how will he win? He can’t win. It’s starting to become clear the he might not even get nominated.

Republicans will have to ask themselves the question of which is the lesser of two evils, or in this case three. At this point in the race, the voters in Iowa have decided that it’s time to thin out the herd in the race for the Republican nomination. With O’Malley suspending his campaign on the first night in Iowa, we see what it looks like to accept reality. Someone in O’Malleys camp told him that it’s time to stop. But there lies a candidate that fails to see where the glimmer of hope does not exists. This is the son and brother of former Commander in Chief(s), Jeb Bush. Republican voters will now have to decide between pick incompetence in Bush, radical changes with Trump or maintaining the status quo with Cruz. Jeb can’t even persuade voters at a recent speech that his position on certain issues just aren’t strong enough to justify showing support in the form of consensual clapping. He had to tell, or rather beg, people in the audience to clap in support of his sentiments about the economy, national security and healthcare reform.

It almost feels like the race in 2012, without a filter to qualify candidates. in the 2016 election we have a former reality TV celebrity, a neurosurgeon, and a senator with confirmed birth records that he was born abroad. Not sure what the loophole is with Ted Cruz, but no one is persecuting this man the way the media did to a certain presidential candidate back in 2008, and again in 2012. Where on earth is Mitt Romney when we need him?
Grand Old Mitt decided to sit out the 2016 presidential race to clear the lane for Jeb Bush. Some plan that turned out to be.

Right now the biggest thing moving and shaking up the Republican party is Donald Trump. Whenever there has been a genuine topic of political discussion, Trump has used every tactic in the schoolyard book of bullying to bring the level of political debates down to levels where calling people “ugly” and “losers” have become commonplace. In no way shape of form is this serving as an endorsement for Trump, but one has to give credit for his uncanny ability to manipulate the media circus to keep him in the center ring.

Which states will provide the writing on the wall that these candidates need to see in order for them to do whats right for America, and not their own egos, or political agendas. Doing what’s right for America means stepping down and letting the smoke clear so that Americans can think clearly about making a decision on our next president. All Trump and Bush are doing now  is distracting potential voters from focusing their energy listening to real candidates who can actually win presidency and have a positive impact on turning the country around.

If Bush doesn’t step down soon, Republicans are going to have a hard selecting a candidate with a winning chance. As it stands, the polls in the Democratic race are as close as they can get, but it is clear that we are looking at one of two candidates with a real chance at the nomination; Sanders and Clinton. If Bush can’t step outside of his delusions of grandeur now, it may be too late for him to salvage his reputation for the chance at future elections, most noticeably the 2020 race. He has already spent a ton of cash campaigning to dismal results. Why continue? At this point his endorsement to one of the remaining front running candidates could help Republican voters choose between the lesser of two evils.


Welcome to My Website!

I decided to switch gears on what I was going to do with this website. Rather than promote my projects, I plan to use this site for the sole purpose of discussing all of the new you developments that are happening with the recent 2016 presidential election. This race so far has been one of the most entertaining to follow. However, it’s also one of the most frightening. The reason being is when you look at the list of candidates on either side of the party separation line, the American voters have put themselves in a position to choose between candidates that are either lacking in some type of integrity lacking in Clinton over her email investigation from the FBI, or lacking in some form of experience via Carson, or uneasy about the current state of economic standards and how business is handled America and suggests socialist ideals in the form of Sanders or just won’t complete right wing psychosis and fear mongering rhetoric compliments of Trump. Now I know that sounds like a very abysmal situation to be in as an American voter with just one year left to decide who will be the president and leader of the most powerful country in the free world. Excuse me, not a year, it’s February, so election day is in just a matter of a few months.

As of now Donald Trump seems to be gaining a lot of media coverage, and is gaining support from hard-core radical right wingers who want to change the current state of American public policy. Guns for everyone. Build a wall. And we have to wonder about what does it really say about what is it that Americans are looking for in a presidential candidate. As of now would just 7 months to decide who will be will be our next president. We still have no idea on any type of plan or structured format to completely redo what Obama’s done over the last eight years all we know is that they want to do something different.

For example Trump is going on record saying that he’ll bring back waterboarding and worse. What exactly is worse? That’s scary if we can ask the question nor will he answer it without calling another candidate “a pussy.” There’s an old saying when it comes to how children imitate or emulate the actions and behaviors of their parents. That saying is, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Can we assume the same thing about Trump voters. Is he rallying the support of people that are not levelheaded enough to make rational decisions in the midst of adversity, and as a result out of the panic and fear mongering that Trump continues to perpetuate, will only find support from constituents that have no idea of the impact on a global level that the POTUS has. Electing a man like Donald Trump will have a negative impact on our entire global outlook. There’s already a petition in the UK signed by over half 1 million citizens of the country asking for Parliament to ban Donald Trump from entering the country. How are we going to use this man to achieve global diplomacy?

Next on the list and the Republican side you have Ted Cruz who surprisingly lost the New Hampshire primary to Marco Rubio after he was torn apart by Governor Chris Christie for repeating himself like a robot. It’s clear that the Marco Rubio cannot think on his feet. All of his answers are canned, or rehearsed. His speeches are disingenuous and not convincing. He is poorly trained to say, and is presumably being told what to do. I can only imagine that he is completely a face for an agenda, controlled as a puppet or manipulated by lobbyists and special interest groups behind the scene that are providing the finances to to put in his campaign. These lobbyist will stop and no cost and spare no expense to throw the country into a state of turmoil in utter dismay by deregulating industries that need it the most. Ask the Koch brothers who they support. So far they are not happy with Trump. However, it is interesting that they would rather consider other candidates that don’t have the support of Republican voters.
Jeb Bush is still hanging on like a scab from a cut that you got a year ago, that just won’t heal and turn into a scar. Christie decided that he’s done and has suspended his campaign after the results from the New Hampshire primary. That only leaves a few people left, which is probably where it should’ve been before this race started in the beginning. I mean having more than 10 Republican candidates in the race at one point is just insane.

On the Democratic side of things Sanders annihilated Clinton by a double digits spread and that’s impressive. It’s also encouraging to see what’s going to happen going forward with the next state being South Carolina. Clinton is a southern girl with Southern roots, and she knows how to appeal to that demographic in the South, especially the black vote. Sanders on the other hand has a lot of support of the “new” urban demographic in the sense that he had a rapper named, Killer Mike as a supporter for his opening launch of the Sanders presidential campaign. Sanders still reaches further into the voting pool of young voters, particularity among women, compared to what Clinton has ever been able to. It seems that the recent email scandal is just something that I think the next generation of voters are willing to scrutinize with a lot more. With the advent of “cat fishing” in all the cyber crimes, compared with how unsafe things can be on the Internet with regards to security, young people find privacy important. A person on an executive level should not have overlooked such considerations. the 18-35 demographic consists of constituents where online communication is the most commonly used form of communication. When that level of power is exerted, and there is a disregard for measures that are put in place in order to secure the safety of American people, it raise a red flag and places questions in the minds of young people about integrity in the future.

The biggest thing about Bernie Sanders is that he has been very transparent on his stance on helping out small businesses. As it stands right now the healthcare system for the small business owners to have to pay for benefits for employees under the new Obamacare plan. But Bernie would come up with something that would free up small business owners from having to pay those insurance costs, curious to see how. Plus Sanders proposes to increase the federal minimum-wage to 15 bucks an hour during his term. On paper, it should have a positive impact on the economy overall. There hasn’t been any candidates that have spoke about small businesses with the passion that Sanders has. It’s almost as though he has been planning this for years.No candidate has gone into the level of detail with any sort of specific plan to follow. However, if you go check out www.feeltheburn.org, he’s got a whole page dedicated to talking about supporting small businesses, entrepreneurship, net neutrality and visa reform. His plans are clearly defined and seem to be the best solution to help us get a handle on the situation. He wants to put the power back into the hands of the working class. Clinton said something about being the “small business president” and in that speech, she mentioned a three point plan which she would launch an effort to cut out the red tape and bureaucracy associated with small businesses hesitating entering into the market. She also promoted a targeted tax relief for small businesses, and has stated that she would give small businesses more access to readily available financing. How she proposes this has never been laid out. It sounds like a nice way to sway indecisive voters away from other Democratic candidates. Wait, there’s only one other, Bernie and Hilary in the race for the Democrats. My mistake, I get so confused with all the names and anonymous faces.